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“The best you can hope to succeed, 
is to remind someone to that, which he already knows. “


From the day of the opening of my consulting practice
in 2001 this wise saying of Plato is still my guideline.

Working together with hundreds of patients of almost every age showed me, that true and long lasting healing can only be achieve through the power of self-healing.

If you like to learn more about myself, my passion and how I might be able to assist you on your journey to inner healing continue reading.

I have extended training and expertise in the different healing methods I am offering, which all result in healing of body, mind and soul.

Everybody is carrying the “healing key” with himself, but often it is hidden quite well and we can’t see it.

Let me help you remembering where you have hidden your “healing key”
and educate you how to achieve the life you want to live!

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